About Us

We believe in the power of an investment platform available for everyone to help innovators change the world.

At Startup Venture Capital we brainstorm together to solve the biggest challenge a startup faces to survive: investment. If a company is not funded, the probability of failure is high. Startups focus on creating products, conducting market analysis, and creating a strong team, but don’t know where to find a reliable source of investors and how to reach them. In turn, investors aren’t sure where to get verifiable profiles of startups and entrepreneurs that their money will be safe with. That’s why we built our platform: to help users connect in investments.

Our company is designed in Singapore, developed in India, and innovating in San Francisco, California. We started from one vision to disrupt the traditional approach in investments to changing the narratives of investment to startup founders in emerging markets. We believe that it isn’t where you come from, the colour of your skin, your gender, and the language that you speak, it is becoming the best that you can be in business.

What We Do

Startup Venture is not a dating platform where we match users instantly based on similar interests. Our admin team performs due diligence to verify profiles to provide a safe and secure environment to our community.

Each of our users must undergo an initial interview process to guarantee our community that they are dealing with genuine people and legitimate companies. We will carefully evaluate the pitch deck, company information, founding team, and investors’ profile. Our platform is friendly to use and available for anyone looking for funding or return on investment.

(Photo by: Mr. Jhon Nathan and the founder’s makeup is done by Ms. Peppin Emerald).

DISCLAIMER: SVC is an investment platform to connect users to get funded and innovate. This doesn’t mean confirmation of investment. It is important to know that users’ information will be verified and validated for due diligence. All content and comments made by the SVC team are for educational and informational purposes only. All information should not be construed as investment advice regarding how a startup can easily be funded or any financial instrument of any kind. Please consult with your financial adviser before joining our platform and/or investment decision regarding shares, dividends, and convertible notes. SVC assumes no responsibility for your investment results. All information on our platform utilized by our team was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but we do not guarantee its results. Investment of any kind involves very high risk not be suitable for all investors and startups.

Founding Team

Kathleen O’Connor Martinez
Kathleen O’Connor Martinez
Founder/ CEO
Sebastian Stahl
Sebastian Stahl
Co-Founder/ CGO
Sandeep Mundra
Sandeep Mundra
Co-Founder/ CTO
Jigar Panchal
Jigar Panchal
Tech Director

Our company has a professional team composed of tech geeks, serial entrepreneurs, bankers, legal professionals, and social enthusiasts with many years of combined experience in high education, innovation, and building business. Our Founder and CEO Kathleen Martinez is a scholar educated in Singapore and an EU resident by investment. She builds the vision of the company and directing the team. Our Co-founder Sebastian Stahl is a German professional, angel investor, and entrepreneur based in Frankfurt. He is leading the company in growth and management decision. Our CTO Sandeep Mundra and Tech Director Jigar Panchal are leading the tech team in Ahmedabad, India. They see the vision of our company beyond tech innovation.

We are open to new partnerships and investments. Please reach to us for investment relations.

Tech Team

Our company has a joint venture with Indianic, a trusted development partner. The founder and CEO of Indianic Sandeep Mundra and Tech Director Jigar Panchal are leading our tech team. They have 23 years of professional experience in technology and have over 400 employees in India with offices in Australia and the United States.

Indianic delivers web and mobile app development services to global businesses since 1997, with 100% project delivery success.

We have an in-house tech manager, developers, and designers.