Josh Ching

“Never give up. There will be at least 1 percent chance of success if you keep trying.”


I’m a Singaporean serial entrepreneur since 2012. I’m based between Singapore and Indonesia to lead and operate the business. I have ambitions and a crazy mindset of changing the world. Having a great passion for social welfare and giving back to society, I am driven to create projects that will benefit the community. I love exploring new things, especially anything related to technology and connecting people.

I have a Solar Business in Indonesia that is back up with government support and I was able to establish networks in Southeast Asian startups that lead me to receive a partnership offer from SVC Company. My role as a co-founder and partner is to bring the platform to Indonesian and Chinese markets where I can add value in tech innovation and marketing.

I am heavily engaged in the tech startup community, where I am actively pitching for investment and excel at presenting my ideas and solving problems. When I am not working, I like to travel, enjoy music, and also being active in helping SMEs. I have many favourite apps; the top two are probably Spotify for entertainment and Grab for necessity.