Sebastian Stahl

Co-Founder/ CGO

“Never stop challenging yourself.”

I’m an entrepreneur and angel investor with more than 10 years of experience in project management in the engineering area of the chemical industry, working at Evonik, a large global company and innovative tech driver in the chemical industry. I was assigned to work in Brazil and Singapore for some years before I relocate to Germany. I have international work experience in Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia that helps me understand the markets in business.

My background is in mechanical engineering and project management combined with economic expertise in business development and entrepreneurship makes me fit for the role of a startup co-founder. Two years ago when the founder was still studying her MBA, we planned to build a company and she offered me the role of Chief Growth Officer to lead the management. I accepted the offer while working in my day job and while studying for an MBA in Business Development & Entrepreneurship in Frankfurt. I’m focus, structured, analytic, open-minded, and communicative. I enjoy making new cultural contacts around the globe.